May Fishing Report

The month of May brings in a period in the trout fishing calendar that most anglers in the south  are itching for;  duffers fortnight and the window of opportunity that this frenzy of emerging mayfly provides. This year did not disappoint, and the last two weeks of May gave us one of the greatest mayfly hatches we have seen on our river, and indeed on the lakes as well.

On the 13th of May, Manor Lake was closed to host a day for the tackle companies Sage, Rio and Vision. Fortunately the weather was extremely kind to us and we had bright sunshine all day. New ranges of rods, reels and lines were on the agenda, and some brilliant tackle from all companies were vigorously tried and tested!

The fishing that was had on Manor lake this month was very good, with majority of fish being caught on smaller natural patterns, dries, and blue flash damsels. Many Grey Wulffs, stunning mayfly patterns, and some not so stunning mayfly patterns graced the water, coupled with some fine 6lb tippet enticed some lovely rises.



Mr Mayor caught the largest fish of the month, with a stunning 10lb 4oz brown trout, caught on a bloodworm pattern.

Mr Perron also caught a lovely brown trout,  at 9lb 4oz in weight, caught on a standard damsel fly.

Mr L. Price managed to catch a stunning trio of rainbow trout; 8lb. 4oz, 7lb 8oz and 6lb 4oz. All were caught on a blue flash damsel.

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Other notable catches for the month were:

Mr L. Hooper (6lb 20z, 6lb), Tim Flagg (7lb 8oz), Mr Hopkins (7lb brown, 5lb 8oz rainbow), D. Ellen (7lb 4oz), Graham Alder (7lb 8oz),  Mr Spaven (7lb 6oz), Steve Ball (7lb 8oz) and Mr Last (6lb 9oz).

Best patterns for the month: Blue flash damsel, red montana, black buzzer, bloodworm, grey wulff, klinkhamer, small blobs  and pheasant tail nymphs.


One of the most notable improvements that we have completed this month has been repainting the lodge flooring. Where before was a patchy red floor, showing the angler traffic between the front door and our tea/coffee station, we now  have a smart anthracite grey floor. Although it took a fair share of preparation and late nights (and ungodly morning hours for Malcolm!) whilst completing other jobs as well,  we are very pleased with the result of the job that we have been itching to do for many months.



Tightlines and hope to see you all in the near future!







Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6NR

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