March 2024 – Spring is in the air!

Originally, my opening line was for this update was to state that the weather seems to have improved somewhat over the past week… However, the thought seems to have tempted fate, as a drop more of that wet stuff graces us with its presence as I write this! But this has not put off many anglers from casting a line, and they have been rewarded with some wonderful bags of trout.

Although we have had a rather wet and dismal winter, the rain over the past 6 months have certainly topped up the aquifers, and the river Avon is flowing at a wonderfully vigorous rate. This constant supply of water into the fish farm helps our rainbows and brown trout to grow and feed very well, and enhancing our stocking into the lakes of some really stunning trout!

We have even seen some blue skies and some sun in the past week, the blackthorn is starting to blossom and a few bumble bees have been buzzing around, so a hint of spring is in the air, so I had better start sharpening up the mower blades for some grass cutting soon!

The river Avon is currently closed for fishing, during the month of March, and will reopen on the 1st April for brown trout.

In the lakes, orange flashy¬† lures seem to attract the eye of many an eager trout, along with the ever-favourite blue flash damsel. These have been accounting for most of the larger brown trout. Buzzers are starting to pick up fish more regularly when fished around 3ft deep, so it won’t be long until the more natural flies are high on the menu!

Notable catches of the last few weeks have been;

G. Stacey; 10lb brown trout, 5lb15oz brown trout

Ghale; 9lb brown trout, 9lb 4oz brown trout, 8lb 2oz brown trout

D. Jones; 10lb 9oz brown trout

R. Everett; 8lb 10oz brown trout

B. Goodwin; 6lb brown trout

D. Gurung; 8lb 13oz brown trout

LM; 11lb 6oz brown trout

Ware; 8lb 3oz brown trout

B. Gurung; 6lb 5oz brown trout

Mr Stafford; 9lb 2oz rainbow trout

Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6NR

Manningford Fishery

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