January 2024

After an awfully wet and dismal autumn and festive period, we have finally come out the other side with more settled, albeit colder weather! Hooray!

But even so, during December and into the New Year, some of the catches at Manningford have been truly memorable for our anglers: 

LM; 10lb 2oz brown, 6lb 2oz brown. P. Ghale; 9lb 1oz brown. Mark White; 8lb 3oz brown, 6lb 6oz brown. M. Porteous; 8lb brown. C. Fisher; 7lb 13oz brown. R. Clifford; 7lb 6oz brown. D. Gurung; 7lb 5oz brown. C. Bell; 7lb 2oz brown. De Beaux; 7lb brown. M Thompson; 6lb 7oz brown, 5lb 12oz brown. K. Uphill; 6lb 1oz brown. O. Barabasi; 6lb brown. R. Williams; 5lb 4oz rainbow, 4lb 8oz rainbow. R.Hamber; 5lb 1oz rainbow.

Best methods recently have been using lure patterns with a steady retrieve, although if you find it a little harder going, a bright blob fished very deep and slow has been yielding success!




Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6NR

Manningford Fishery

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