January 2020 Fishery Report

January was another superb month at the fishery, with plenty of anglers toying with their shiny new equipment from Christmas and getting their fill of the Manningford action!

One such angler was Phil Mann, who managed to catch the first double figure fish of the year just a few days in; a rainbow of 10lb 4oz, followed by two 5lbers.

Other big fish this month were;

Phil Mann (10lb 4oz RB; 5lb RB; 5lb RB), W. Pack (8lb 8oz RB), G. Holt (8lb 5oz BT), B. Reynolds (8lb RB), S. Feddery ( 8lb 3oz), R. Elliott (8lb BT), F. Moran (8lb RB), I. Brewer ( 7lb 4oz RB), P. Prentice (6lb 12oz BT), M. Higgs ( 6lb 8oz RB), A. Daniels (6lb 4oz RB), B. Ricketts (6lb 4oz BT), J. Waddle (6lb 12oz RB), S. Smith (5lb 12oz RB; 6lb 1oz RB), L. Hooper (6lb BT), H. Mattocks (6lb 12oz RB), A. Spencer (6lb 8oz RB), J. Sander ( 6lb 8oz RB), C. Beck ( 6lb 8oz RB), Lavender (6lb 8oz RB), F. Hall (6lb 12oz BT), C. Watkins ( 6lb RB; 6lb RB), D. Hall ( 6lb 8oz BT), G. Titcymb (6lb 6oz), S. Murray (6lb 4oz BT), P. Gibson-Wyer (6lb 40z RB),  R. Barry (6lb BT), A. McMillan (5lb 8oz RB), D. Martin (5lb 8oz BT), D Merritt (6lb 12oz BT), A. Ursell (5lb RB), J. Turner ( 5lb 12oz RB), L. Ashcroft (6lb 7oz RB), R. Hammersley ( 5lb 2oz RB), R. Clifford (5lb 8oz BT; 5lb 4oz BT), Mr Clark (5lb 8oz RB), R. Porteous (5lb 5oz RB), M. Porteous (7lb BT), F. Hall (5lb 8oz BT), Lovett (5lb 14oz RB), M. Smith (5lb RB) and M. Holmes ( 5lb 4oz RB).

The river also fished very well during January, with plenty of 1lb+ grayling being caught on sparkly nymph and shrimp patterns fished on the bottom.

Around the fishery, Malcolm and myself were busy clearing some of the brush etc. around Manor lake and having ourselves some good bonfires. We also received more fry into the fish farm ready for next years stock. Being a relatively warm winter, the farm has been feeding very well, and we have been growing some spectacular looking fish that will give a good fight.

The warm weather has also helped bring on some tremendous sport on our catch and release lake Squires, with many people having bags of fun catching on size 14 and 16 dry flies/emergers! Although the fish we stock up their are generally smaller than that of Manor Lake (for fish welfare reasons), they still give a cracking days sport for the angler who wishes to prolong their day after bagging up on Manor Lake!


As a fishery, we currently have a few projects and events in the pipeline that, although we can’t divulge into for your keen interests just yet, will be mentioned soon enough on Facebook, Instagram and these News Posts. So keep an eye out, and give us a like on Facebook for more regular updates about the fishery!



Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6NR

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