February Fishing Report

I feel I speak for the majority of the UK (apart from tree surgeons!) when I say I am very relieved to see the end of February! While Storm Dennis and later Storm Jorge swept through, we were still dealing with the effects from the previous Storm Ciara! We have well and truly had our fill of rainfall, and hope that the aquifers and rivers are now at a level to last the UK through the coming summer, and provide some fabulous sport.

The majority of our time spent at work has been dealing with the high flows of water and tree clearance; however, some anglers still braved the conditions and were well rewarded.

Big fish

Mr Davies (10lb 4oz RB), H. McGregor (9lb 8oz BT), S. Ball (9lb 7oz RB), D. Daniels (8lb 12oz BT; 7lb 2oz RB), R. Willis (8lb 2oz RB), Haul (7lb 2oz RB), Hunt (7lb 2oz RB), J. Clark (6lb 12oz RB), C. Mitchell (6lb 4oz BT), N. O’Shea (6lb 3oz BT), Green (6lb 7oz RB), C. Watkins (6lb RB), J. Boyce (6lb RB), L. Cooke (5lb 15oz RB), Floyd (5lb 1oz BT), I. Morosann (5lb 6oz RB), D. Goulding (5lb 3oz RB), G. Austen (5lb 6oz BT), R. Hammersely (5lb 1oz BT), R. Mawle (5lb RB), R. Stanley (5lb BT), H. Isaac (5lb RB), G. Hall (5lb 3oz RB), F. Hall ( 5lb 5oz BT), R. Keene (5lb 8oz RB), T. Mann (5lb 6oz RB), Caffola ( 5lb RB), D. Wrigley (5lb BT), S. Bonner (5lb BT).

Majority of fish have been caught on all types of lures; Cats Whiskers, Damsels, black taddies, zonkers and snakes! However, fish were still being caught on buzzers and nymphs for the anglers in the settled conditions. Up on Squires Lakes, our catch and release lake, anglers were having some good sports on small black spiders fished subsurface, along with dry flies!

On the weekend of the 8th/9th February, the British Fly Fair (BFFI) was held at the Stafford Showground. Malcolm and myself, along with two of our good friends Ben and Dale, went up on the Sunday with our new Manningford branded softshells and met many current and future anglers of the fishery, as well as spending a little pocket money…  It was really nice to see so many anglers mingling and sharing information with each other, and it is social events like this that help with pushing the future of our sport. So if you have never attended, make your way up next year and get involved!





Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6NR

Manningford Fishery

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