December Fishing Report

And so we have ushered in a new year, along with a new decade. What an absolutely superb year we have had for ourselves here at Manningford, with plenty of friendly banter with our regular anglers, welcoming many new faces through our doors and seeing a large amount of eager first-time anglers taking up our sport.

To all of the people we have had the pleasure to meet and catch up with, Malcolm and myself thank you for the many laughs and good times!

This December was an unusually mild one, but  our water temperature hovered between 7°C – 9°C mark, and the air temperature averaged not far away from that! This has meant that the fish have maintained their feeding rate in both the fish farm and the fishery, and providing some superb sport for anglers. One of our season ticket holders, Mr Allen, has now completed his task for this year, in which a fish was caught on a dry fly on every month of the year.

Big fish this month have been;

Mr Gulson (10lb 8oz brown), Mr Harris (9lb 4oz rainbow), Mr Rippin (8lb 2oz rainbow), Mr Allen (7lb rainbow), Mr Santos (7lb brown), Mr Percy (7lb 2oz and 7lb 4oz rainbows), Mr Hammersely (7lb rainbow), Mr Thomas (7lb 8oz brown), Mr Preston (7lb rainbow), Mr Dodd ( 6lb 4oz rainbow), Mr Wheatley (6lb 8oz rainbow), Mr Waddell (6lb 8oz rainbow), Mr Edger (6lb rainbow), Mr Mattocks (6lb 10oz rainbow), Mr Allen (6lb 4oz brown), Mrs Cooke ( 6lb 6oz brown), Mr Salvidge (6lb 6oz brown), Mr Noel-Smith (6lb brown), Mr Clarke ( 6lb 12oz brown), Mr Norre (6lb 6oz rainbow), Mr Cave (5lv rainbow), Mr Hayward (5lb rainbow), Mr Santos (5lb rainbow), Mr Mould (5lb 8oz rainbow), Mr Seabourne (5lb 8oz brown), Mr White ( 5lb 7oz brown), Louie ( 5lb 10oz brown), Mr Carter (5lb 13oz rainbow), Mr Gray (5lb 12oz brown), and Mr Wright (5lb 8pz rainbow).

Best flies this month have mainly been of the black variety, with a bold profile, such as black nomads and montanas. however, inch long Cats Whiskers have been catching very well, along side blue flash damsels and if the going gets a bit tough, a small orange fished very slowly would normally pick fish up.


Tight lines from us at Manningford and look forward to seeing you soon in the new year!



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