August Fishing Report


As most people think towards August in earnest with the warm evening temperatures enticing a late evening rise or relaxing in a beer garden with a glass of  their go-to tipple in there hand, I for one do not.  No, because every year for me, it is the unfortunate time of the year where I unwittingly play a painful game of ‘hide and seek’ with a strimmer and a wasps nest. Well, at least it provides Malcolm with a laugh as I rapidly dance an Irish Jig down the river bank as I make a break for it; a more unrefined version of the Riverdance, if you will.


However the fishing in August was superb, with the use of dry flies really coming in to play. Many fish were seen sipping in the margins all around Manor lake, and many angler had some quality bags of fish whilst just fishing a dry fly. However, the subsurface flies still accounted for the majority of fish, with the top flies being (surprise surprise) a blue beaded blue flash damsel, red diawl bach, shrimp patterns, black  marabou montana and size 10 red buzzer.


Plenty of big fish were caught during the month;

T. Flagg (10lb rainbow, 4lb 8oz brown, 3lb 12oz blue), Mr Mayer (9lb 4oz rainbow), D. Christopher (8lb 8oz rainbow), G. Crosby (8lb 8oz rainbow), L. Wilson (8lb 4oz rainbow), D. Williams (6lb 14oz and 6lb 12oz rainbows) C. Mitchell (7lb 8oz rainbow), A. Murray (7lb 12oz rainbow), Mr. Russell (6lb 8oz brown), M. White (7lb 10oz rainbow), Mr Matthew (7lb rainbow), T. Marsch (6lb 8oz rainbow), R. Simmonds (6lb 10oz rainbow), P. Pinchis (7lb 1oz rainbow), P. Turner (5lb 8opz brown), G. Hales (6lb 6oz rainbow) and a fair few more just shy of the 6lb mark.


This month we have had a fair amount of non-exclusive group days, along with a Hen-do and multiple tuition sessions. Most of our tuition sessions are wanted by complete novices which in this month, every single tuition participant caught fish!


Hope to see you all down here at Manningford in the near future,





Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6NR

Manningford Fishery

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